Any of our children would love to receive a card or letter from you especially on special occasions. The best gift to give a child, on top of your monthly support, is to recognize their birthday or remember them at Christmas. Cards are best! Toys and such are in abundance at our facility. Gifts that most benefit our children are funds given toward helping to secure the child’s future. Whether it is education, or transition to employment and independent living, our children will need your help as they leave our facility. While purchasing gifts on special occasions is a wonderful expression of compassion and love, these do not benefit the most pressings needs of our children.

How can you bless a child’s future? We have a program called the “Bright Future Fund.” Each child has a designated savings account that is dedicated to his or her future education or transition out of our care. Your funds remain reserved for a specified child and will be used later for necessities no longer provided by our ministry, and for future training or education beyond high school.